BREAKING: Joe Biden REVERSES Major Issue – Dems Shocked

President Joe Biden just reversed a major issue. Democrats are completely shocked — they can’t believe it and a political firestorm has erupted.

Biden previously supported pushing amnesty through the budget reconciliation process, however, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced that the president reversed course.

“His view is that right now, this should not be… that the conversation should not be about a reconciliation process,” said Psaki. “It should be about moving forward in a bipartisan manner.”

Politically, this means that even some Democrat members of Congress — likely vulnerable ones during the upcoming midterm elections — convinced Biden to back off.

But there’s another angle, too: A vast majority of Americans oppose blanket amnesty, and as long as Biden is controlled by the far-left flank of his own party, he will be in trouble.

And he will remain controlled by the radicals like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), however, it will be through a standalone bill instead. Americans must make their voices heard against amnesty.

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  1. there is no bipartisan in Washington DC or anywhere else. the liberals / democrats have gone so far out of control that the only option is to confront their destruction of civil rights at every opportunity.

    The liberals / democrats have become so racist, bigoted and evil that they are a destructive force to the world.

    If your still voting democrat you are a moron.

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