BREAKING: Joe Biden Reveals His New Plan For Future – Media In Disbelief…

President Joe Biden asked Congress on Wednesday to suspend the federal gas tax of 18 cents a gallon for three months, but he is getting pushback from Republicans.

Rep. Daryl Issa (R-CA), whose committee deals with antitrust behavior, responded to Biden’s proposal by saying that he “clearly” doesn’t understand economics.

“The president, who clearly doesn’t understand economics and certainly doesn’t understand that the margin at the gas station has very, very little to do with price setting, those are the last people to be able to set the price,” he said.

He said it doesn’t take much change in the amount of available fuel to push prices higher or lower because oil is an “inelastic” commodity.

“Any other statement” by Biden that his actions to cancel pipelines and drilling leases didn’t cause the gas prices to spike “is simply disingenuous, which is Washington speak for ‘big lie,'” he concluded.

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