BREAKING: Joe Biden Resignation Announcement After Mental Health SHOCKER [Developing]

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-TX), who worked for both former President Barack Obama and Donald Trump, has called on President Joe Biden to resign because he is “not cognitively capable of leading.”

On Friday, Representative Jackson took to Twitter to say, “Biden doesn’t know what’s going on with Ukraine. He doesn’t know what’s going on with ANYTHING! He’s not cognitively capable of leading. He needs to RESIGN before our country suffers any more.”

President Biden’s handling of the situation in Ukraine in many ways mirrors the disaster in Afghanistan.

Russia has clearly been emboldened by President Biden’s inability to project any kind of soft power. Now Ukraine is paying the price for President Biden’s failings.

Americans haven’t escaped unscathed either, as the President’s awful leadership has brought us to the brink of nuclear war with Russia and our economy is in shambles as fuel prices reach record highs.

President Biden’s mental faculties seem to be seriously compromised, and as a result, he is driving us over a cliff. The President needs to step down in favor of someone with a sound mind.

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