BREAKING: Joe Biden REMOVAL Legislation Shocks Voters – Congress Is…

Nigel Farage, the UK leader who orchestrated the Brexit movement, asked on the radio program Just the News, Not Noise why there have not been calls to invoke the 25th Amendment on President Joe Biden despite his apparent inability to handle the job.

“I don’t get it. Whenever Trump said something on the world stage people thought was stupid there were cries in D.C. for the 25th Amendment to be called,” Farage said. “Nobody is daring to say the 25th should be called when it’s clear that America has a president who [is] … senile. He’s not up to the job.”

Farage also called Biden “the worst president America has ever, ever had,” “not capable” and “an embarrassment to America.”

Biden should have gone to Moscow and talked to Putin directly before he invaded Ukraine, Farage said.

“It is so obvious this man cannot hold the responsibilities of leading America, let alone the free world,” he concluded.

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