BREAKING: Joe Biden REMOVAL Bombshell – The Process Starts Now

It’s officially time to remove President Joe Biden, according to Rep. Roger Williams.

“It’s certainly grounds for [Biden] to be to be removed from office,” said Williams in a recent interview speaking about Biden’s failure of leadership over matters in Afghanistan. “He should resign if he truly loves this country and sees that this is a disaster of epic proportions. When we lost those [14] young men and women the other day, it was about as low as America has gotten in our history.”

Williams was clear. “[Biden should] go ahead and resign before we look to other options, like the Twenty-Fifth Amendment and possible impeachment.”

Williams admitted they are working on impeachment right now:

We’re building the case [for impeachment]…When [Biden] leaves people on the battlefield, he leaves friends in need, when he says we’re cutting and we’re running, and we’re … taking more advice from the enemy than we are our own people, I think that’s a real case to build on. He’s listening to Taliban. He’s doing what the Taliban says. It appears he’s listening to Putin more than he’s listening to our own people.

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  9. All talk NO accountability for democrates. This is plain out treason and he still is taking orders to completely destroy America. Time for we the people to take charge.

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  11. Biden should not be allowed to resign. He should be charged with treason, tried, found guilty, and receive the punishment any traitor to our Country deserves. And the same should be done with the others involved in this shameful action.

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