BREAKING: Joe Biden REMOVAL Bombshell – Even Democrats Agree…

President Joe Biden can’t believe it — he could be removed and even some Democrats agree. DC has been rocked by this bombshell news.

“A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators — led by Todd Young (R-IN) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) — introduced legislation Wednesday that would strip President Joe Biden of war powers,” reported Breitbart News.

This would be accomplished “by repealing both the 1991 and 2002 authorizations for the use of military force (AUMF) in the Middle East,” effectively removing Biden’s ability to act in the region without congressional approval.

The announcement from Young and Kaine comes as Biden has involved the United States in Syria’s civil war, launching airstrikes against the Assad regime. By contrast, Trump ended U.S. involvement in that no-win scenario.

The AUMFs should have been repealed years ago — with some arguing that they should’ve been enacted in the first place. Unfortunately, they are too open-ended and allow the president to wage war unilaterally.

This is not how the Constitution was designed. The framers of the Constitution rightfully concluded that the executive branch was most prone to war, so they vested the question of war with Congress. Biden needs to be put in check.

Read the full story here.

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22 Responses

    1. Even corrupt leftists will regret getting rid of President Trump once they feel the pinch of their stupidity by electing sleepy Joe.

      1. Biden was not elected by the people. He did not win the election. The democrats have become so corrupt that they have turned our great country into a banana republic. Voting should only take place in building that have voting machines in place. Voting machines cannot be designed to be reprogrammed such that votes from one candidates can be transferred to the opposition. Mail in ballots should be outlawed if we want a fair election. Biden is so full of hate he is going to destroy the country. The worst part is that he does not care about the people or the country. The election was a fraud.

  1. Joe Biden is demonstrating each day, how little he is capable of running this Nation as a leader, that even the Democrats who claim control of Congress and Senate are terrified of him.
    Plus, they are completely lost since their only focus for the complete hatred of President Trump. Suddenly, Mr. Trump is gone, and reality that they actually are supposed to do their elected job is slowly sinking in [much too slowly for most of we Citizens].
    The “We hate Trump” agenda has done nothing to run this country properly.
    It is long past time for many of those in Congress and Senate to resign and go home, get a real job.

    1. You are correct!! Most of these”lifers” have never had a REAL job !! Biden hasn’t done a damn thing in 48 yrs in government EXCEPT Rob the citizens !! He and his low life scumbag son BOTH should be in prison !!

    2. You are absolutely right, problems is, Biden is in the seat and destroying our Constitution and our Civil Rights. He has put more people out of work then the virus did. Pelosi is pulled all the strings and she definitely needs to resign, she has lost her mind, the little she had. They have open the border to let this Country be overwhelmed by illegal immigrants,but put up a fence to the House which by right belong to the American Citizens.

  2. As unstable the democrats claim Trump was he pretty much stuck with his campaign promises and since biden been in office job are lost,boarder opened, tensions with other countries and stimulus check is just wish list for Pelosi and blue state.

  3. I promise it would surprise all of America even me to find out who is in Control of the White House. It certainly is not Biden and he does not have the ability. I predict an outcome with a dictator.

  4. Do not understand why both Biden and Harris have not had impeachment charges brought on them for the actions . Harris for her support for Antifa and Black lives Matter. Joe for his quid pro quo in Ukrain and taking bribes from foreign entity’s.

  5. Why in the world have otherwise sane people voted in a President and VP that hate America, hate white people, hate wealthy people (except for themselves) and otherwise are totally the opposite of all America stands for.

    Hope they are happy with what they got.
    My gas prices have already gone up 60 cents a gal. That is the least of the problems.

  6. This country will NOT ever be great again, until BOTH PARTIES start working together and take care of AMERICA and NOT THEMSELVES ! Like it or not I believe Trump was on that trail. Until we are all treated equally,laws as written apply to all not just the few! Biden was unfit to run this Country at the beginning. Once again MONEY TALKED and USA SUFFERED!

  7. Am I wrong ? Are there not two keys to the red button on Biden’s desk? It would take Biden and whom ever has the other key to activate it? It just looks like an underhanded ploy by Nancy and some of the others to take away the Presidents authority. I do understand Biden has issues and should have never been put into that position to begin with but, he is there. Taking it away and giving it to a group I think would be disastrous and have long tern consequences.

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