BREAKING: Joe Biden REMOVAL Announcement Stuns Nation – Voters Are…

Friday on HBO, Bill Maher suggested that President Joe Biden should be moved into a “ceremonious” role because the American people have “lost faith” in him.

Maher claimed Biden was still “better than the alternative,” and that he didn’t think his first year was “all that bad.” But he acknowledged that polls were showing people did not like the job Biden was doing after the first year.

“Our economy is actually pretty awesome considering what we’ve just been through,”Wages are up, workers have more leverage, we avoided a recession, stocks just had their best year since 1995. And yet, only 38% approve of his handling of the economy.”

But Maher didn’t mention the runaway inflation and huge spikes in gas prices, and he also left out Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal, which soured a lot of people on his leadership.

If Maher didn’t just hate former President Donald Trump so much, he might not be trying so hard to make Biden sound better than he is.

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