BREAKING: Joe Biden Releases Second Amendment Shocker – Nation Stunned

The leader of the free world, who promised while taking the oath of office that he would protect and defend the Constitution, apparently does not think the Second Amendment is included.

Biden tried to justify increasingly drastic gun control measures during his speech to Congress on Wednesday by saying the amendment in question was “not absolute.”

“We’re not changing the Constitution; we’re being reasonable,” he said.

“From the very beginning, there were certain kinds of weapons that couldn’t be owned by Americans,” he said, but he didn’t substantiate this statement with any evidence or examples of what kinds of weapons citizens couldn’t own in 1791 when the Constitution was ratified and the Bill of Rights added.

Biden and the Democrats advocate universal background checks, a “high capacity” magazine ban, and new gun controls for gun parts kits, in addition to a so-called assault weapons ban.

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6 Responses

  1. What part of “shall not be infringed” does the President not understand!
    The founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when the 2nd Amendment was included back in 1791 along with the Constitution and they were ratified unanimously. The type of weapon was not specified so how can any gun be outlawed.

  2. Our half empty current President. Needs to read the US Constitution. Then read the Bill of Rights. Then either follow all the laws of the land. Because you can’t just pick an choose what you like and don’t like. An at some point you an the Democrats are going to regret your direction .

  3. Just wait until the Catholic church bans Biden and Pelosi from receiving communion. It’s already in the works.

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