BREAKING: Joe Biden REFUSES To Do It – Nation Stunned

Joe Biden is still refusing to do it. Millions of people across the nation are stunned — they can’t believe he just rejected doing the right thing again.

“President-elect Joe Biden is still refusing to discuss the ethical cloud swirling around his family, particularly his youngest son, Hunter,” reported Breitbart News this week. This is a problem that isn’t going to go away, however.

It was recently revealed that Hunter has been under investigation for weeks now, which is something American voters should have known about before going to the polls on November 3. The silence was deafening.

Now, Biden is trying to keep the silence. When Biden was recently asked about the ongoing Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation into Hunter, Biden quickly pushed the question away and ended the press conference.

“‘Thanks for the congratulations, appreciate it,’ the president-elect said before walking off the stage,” noted Breitbart. This happened following Biden’s divisive speech after the Electoral College voted.

But he can’t run from this issue forever. He will continue to get asked about it — at least by the few honest reporters, anyway — and he will eventually have to answer. Justice is coming regardless.

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