BREAKING: Joe Biden Quits – It’s Official

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has quit. It was just made official and millions of people are stunned — no one expected him to walk away. This is a dramatic turn of events.

On his Instagram page, Biden “recently hosted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ event … allowing his followers to ask him questions in real time.” Here’s the problem: the former vice president “did not appear to answer a single question.” He might as well quit.

What is the point of hosting a live Q&A without answering questions from viewers? This is the equivalent of walking away from his campaign — or at least already conceding that he cannot be trusted to speak extemporaneously without gaffes.

“Joe Biden’s staff posted ‘I’m answering your questions. Ask me anything!’ on his Instagram story 14 hours ago and they have yet to post any questions or answers,” noted Abigail Marone, one of President Donald Trump’s campaign staffers.

She followed up her tweet with a comical question of her own: “Will you use a teleprompter to answer these questions?” Marone didn’t indicate whether she actually submitted this question, but her pro-Trump followers were obviously amused.

Underneath the snark, though, Marone was making an important point about how shallow Biden’s campaign has been from the start. He spent weeks basically hiding in his basement sending out manufactured videos — now he won’t even answer questions from supporters.

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