BREAKING: Joe Biden QUITS – Department Of Justice Removes…

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice has removed support for a lawsuit brought by three female high school athletes in Connecticut who allege that being forced to compete against transgender athletes violates Title IX regulations.

The lawsuit received support from former President Trump’s Department of Justice, who agreed with the case’s premise.

Alanna Smith, one of the athletes who filed the suit, said, “Fairness needs to be restored in our sport and all other women’s sports … these biological males are just taking it away from us.”

Christina Holcomb, who represents the female athletes, responded to the decision by Biden’s DOJ, saying, “The lawsuit absolutely moves forward, but as you mentioned, this was clearly a politically motivated decision to side with radical activists over female athletes like Alanna.”

Holcomb continued saying, “The Biden administration is pushing the so-called Equality Act, which ignores the real physical differences between men and women and threatens women’s privacy, women’s homeless shelters, and yes, even women’s sports on a national level for female athletes like Alanna.”

Biden repeatedly claimed that he would defend women’s rights throughout his campaign, yet his administration is now siding with radical activists over female athletes around the nation. To the left, American women come second to transgender individuals.

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