BREAKING: Joe Biden PUSHED Over Edge – Democrats Scrambling

President Joe Biden is being pressured by the Democrat Party to forgive $50,000 in student debt loans, and it is becoming increasingly likely that Biden will cave to his party’s demands.

A majority of the Democrat Party is pushing student loan debt forgiveness. President Biden’s reluctance to pursue sweeping action on the issue is a testament to his vintage of political views.

Representative Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), Widely recognized as a more radical figure among Democrats, said that “Canceling student debt by executive action is one of the most effective ways President Biden can provide sweeping relief to millions of families while helping to reduce the racial wealth gap and to lay the groundwork for an equitable and just long-term recovery.”

Pressley clearly indicates to President Biden that the ball is in his court and needs to take executive action to address student loan debt.

Why Democrats have given up on using legislative means to forgive student loan debt is worth asking. It will be hard but legislative action will likely be more effective in achieving the goals of the Democrat Party.

Republicans have voiced their opposition, and it is likely that if Biden takes executive action on the issue, it will face significant legal challenges. Biden is caught in a bad spot, but it seems his best option will be to give in to his party’s demands.

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4 Responses

  1. Guess the word natzi didn’t like me calling the Dems unamerican. They deleted me AGAIN. So much for free speech. I didn’t use any bad words except for the truthful ones, but nontheless, I was deleted.

  2. It is high time to dissolve the demonrat
    Start by impeaching funny girl Harris
    and them impeach Biden and put the
    truly elected. man, Donald Trump back
    Into the White House.
    How much damage are they allowed to do
    before government action steps in to stop it ?????

    1. And all my 40 years of watching bull crap like this they won’t stop it they won’t stop until they completely ruin America and we have no choice but to fold to the Democrats if the American people do not start standing up and fighting back we are in a whole mess of trouble

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