BREAKING: Joe Biden Officially Under Investigation – That Didn’t Take Long

The Government Accountability Office is investigating whether it was illegal for President Joe Biden to stop spending on the Southern border wall after 40 Senate Republicans accused him last week of breaking the law with that action.

The Republicans say it is illegal for a president to control funding approved by Congress, which approved $1.4 trillion for the wall to be spent in 2021.

Four more Senate Republicans and 60 House Republicans joined the request for the GAO investigation after it was initially made.

The halt to border wall construction is costing American taxpayers $6 million per day.

If the GAO finds against the Biden administration, it will be yet another indication that Biden is abusing his executive power.

Read the full story here.


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  1. Try and toss a gun in a garbage pail, after you lied on a government gun form. YOU WOULD BE IN JAIL, BUT NOT SCUMBAG POLITICIANS. THEY’RE SPECIAL PEICES OF CRAP!!!!

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