BREAKING: Joe Biden Officially Gives Up – Media Shocked…

Friday was 114 days since President Joe Biden’s last press interview, Republican National Committee (RNC) noted.

Biden has not sat down since Lester Holt before the Super Bowl, and he has only held two press conferences since that time.

It is not like Biden is exactly unscripted or off-the-cuff when he does talk to the press. He has famously used notecards with the names of reporters who can ask questions at press events and even walked away from the podium when he didn’t like their questions.

The bottom line is, Biden is probably the least transparent and available to the press president in most of our lifetimes.

But the press is so sycophantic for the Democrat Party that they don’t even complain or call him on it, so for the most part people don’t notice the lack of access.

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