BREAKING: Joe Biden Notified… “Warning” Signs Tested Positive

Donna Brazile, the Democrat cheerleader who once forwarded questions to Dem candidates at a debate, is certainly not Joe Biden’s enemy.

But her diagnosis of the Biden campaign’s ills is devastatingly accurate.

Brazile didn’t pull her punches, arguing that the Biden campaign tested positive for several major warning signs that could eventually doom it.

Fox has the story:

Fox News contributor Donna Brazile said Friday that Joe Biden had a “terrible week” and his campaign must heed the “early warning” signs as the race heats up.

…Brazile said the policy shift wasn’t the only negative for Biden this week, calling out plagiarism questions surrounding his climate change platform and his decision to skip last weekend’s state party convention in California.

Biden’s problem is simple – he’s too “moderate” for the almost rabidly leftist Democratic base. Except he isn’t moderate at all – compared to almost every other Democratic president in recent history, his positions are radically leftist.

That alone should tell you that the only option for the American people in 2020 is Donald J. Trump.

Read the full story here.

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