BREAKING: Joe Biden Named In Sick Child Conspiracy – No Protection For…

President Joe Biden has made a big deal of loving and supporting his grandchildren, but that reportedly doesn’t include the love child his son Hunter Biden had with Lunden Roberts, a former stripper.

Roberts recently filed for a protection from abuse order against her ex-fiance, cage fighter Princeton Foster after he threatened her and the child, Navy Joan.

Joe Biden has not reached out to Roberts or made any effort to find out how his grandchild is, and neither he nor his son have met the child.

Roberts, who won a $2.5 million settlement after proving the child was Hunter Biden’s, said she recorded numerous phone calls in which Foster threatened Roberts and her child, including saying he was going to come fight her male companions.

Of most concern were his statements that he was going to go to “Heaven” with Navy Joan, even though the two are not biologically related.

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