BREAKING: Joe Biden Named In Child-Trafficking Bombshell – Nation Shocked…

GOP Representative Kat Cammack is coming in hot, calling President Biden a ‘Trafficker-in-Chief’.

“Cammack criticized the Biden administration for its policy approach on securing the U.S.-Mexico border and stemming the flow of illegal immigrants across the border,” reports Breitbart News.

“…the data that you just showed points to the fact that, no, the border is not secure. And you cannot have a secure nation unless you have secure borders. And if you don’t have secure borders, you’re not a safe, sovereign nation,” Cammack said.

“And so, what we have here is a crisis,” she continued. “It’s a border crisis, as we’ve all seen throughout the year. And what this administration has done is turn every town in America into a border town.”

“Now with regard to the GOP,” Cammack added, “we have long had a plan to secure, and we have tried multiple times, all of which Nancy Pelosi has stopped and killed on the House floor. She refuses to acknowledge there is a border crisis happening. Her colleagues — they don’t go to the border because they don’t want to see what we all know because it flies in the face of their narrative. Now when we take the House, and by we, I mean the GOP and Republicans, when we rake the House back in November, we will have a plan ready to go come January when the 118th Congress starts. And I think that’s important because we have said that’s necessary to win in the midterms.”

Then she dropped the hammer.

“When we have the majority, we will be passing this legislation, sending it to the President’s desk. If he chooses to veto it, then that is on his hands. We know that he is a trafficker-in-chief,” Cammack concluded.

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