BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED – Truth Comes Out

President Biden couldn’t help but embarrass himself in his latest appearance announcing his plans to tear down the 2nd Amendment and strip Americans of their right to bear arms on Thursday.

Biden’s appearance was marked by all the gaffes and bizarre moments that we have come to expect whenever Biden comes out of the White House basement.

Biden quickly confused the word “pistol” with the word “pencil” while describing how a pistol can be turned into a short-barrelled rifle. Biden claimed that somehow made the pistol more lethal without evidence.

Biden went on to falsely claim that the 1994 assault weapons ban had reduced the number of mass shootings. Biden isn’t the first Democrat to make that false claim, and he certainly won’t be the last.

Biden’s worst moment came when he said that “They are phony arguments suggesting that these are Second Amendment rights at stake from what we are talking about but no amendment, no amendment is absolute.”

Americans should note that our President does not truly believe in the power and authority of the Constitution. Our freedoms are not absolute, and Biden has no qualms with stripping us of our freedoms that we have enjoyed for hundreds of years.

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11 Responses

  1. Obama referred to the constitution as a flailed document China Joe the communist has the same opinion not American he’s against our freedom that’s allowed by the constitution he took and oath to uphold when he stole the election treason

  2. Biden has NO birthday, he was scraped out of the bottom of an outhouse !!!
    and molded in to what he is now !!!

  3. THIS is WHY we have a Second Amendment. The foreign powers ALWAYS wanted ONLY themselves having weapons in order to FORCE the populous to do exactly as they say. Welcome to 1776.

  4. Oh dear God—–this idiot has to go !!!! NOW before a war starts.
    What is wrong with congress allowing this crap to happen !!!! It is time
    we all, start to protest about our constitution being broken. Biden lies, Obama is telling him what to do, and foreign countries are not happy, and
    now for this——–We also need a new law in place about how many executive orders can be done….this idiot has gone way over bounds.
    Protest and reach out to your congress !!

    1. Thank you; so very true!!!!!!! (I’ve thought for quite awhile, I find it hard to believe all elected Democrats in Congress, have distorted brains. Surely there are some “true blood, honest to goodness American’s there. What is wrong with these people? I have heard Nancy Pelosi has threatened all, she will take away their funding, unless they go along with all her wishes. That’s illegal!!!!)

  5. Biden is one of the biggest BULLIES & always has been, he loves to throw his weight around & if he can’t win fairly he lies, cheats & tries to make himself look good by plagiarizing someone else, just like he tried to do to TRUMP over covid vaccine & tried to make us believe he won the election without all those fraudulent votes!! Biden/Harris worst President & VP ever, NEED TO BE IMPEACHED NOW, they both have broken so many laws I can’t keep up & Pelosi needs to be removed she is just evil!!

    1. You are not the only one, who is “Mad as Hell” —- we voted for the good, honest, true, love America person; only to have it; by evil, sneaking, lying an cheating; taken from us. I keep telling myself, it’s all in God’s hands & he will take care of them in due time (& his time). In the meantime, I’m having a hard time, being patient!

  6. It’s like the fine print on a contact,if you don’t read it you don’t know what in it. Go ahead and take the oath.,they want know the difference!!!!.

  7. Joe Biden is 100% correct that all the arguments about gun control are 100% false, they all happen to be his arguments.

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