BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED – Shocking Evidence Is Clear…

President Joe Biden is getting bad news. Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro is exposing the truth about Biden and his administration and the nation is stunned.

“President Houseplant is not fully there. We all know this,” said Shapiro. “But Democrats desperately need him in order to put a non-threatening face on some of the most radical policy we have ever seen. So he will be shielded from media questions.”

Daily Wire reported that a Rasmussen poll shows “52% of Americans are concerned about Biden’s lack of access to the press.”

“Anybody pretending that #PresidentHouseplant is an expedient rather than an obstacle to American reopening at this point isn’t looking at either the CDC standards or the data on the pandemic trajectory,” said Shapiro. “The media attempt to turn him into a wise leader is ridiculous.”

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