BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED – Secret Behind Speech Exposed…

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) said President Joe Biden was disingenuous in choosing to address Congress on April 28 because it is during a recess when most members will be working in their home states.

“President Biden, for his State of the Union, will be addressing an empty room with only special, hand picked members of Congress,” Mace continued. “Despite every member of Congress getting vaccine access in January, and honestly we’re probably the first place in the country with herd immunity, …”

“Basement Biden is back at it again,” she said in her concluding tweet.

Most presidents make an address to Congress within the first 40 days of being in office, but Biden waited almost 100 days.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki blamed the pandemic for the delay despite the widespread vaccination in the Capitol, saying, “We are in the middle of a global pandemic, and of course, any joint session speech would look different than the past.”

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3 Responses

  1. They need to send ALL of the illegal’s to the state of Delaware an to California this is were Biden and Harris would want them! Send ALL the kids there also so the welfare from them states can pay to keep them!

  2. Always the pandemic excuse. He just isn’t good at faking being president. As for border I believe all should be sent to biden’s front door so he does have to deal with it. After all those states around there helped his cheating a__ get in the White House. So let those states foot the bill. The rest of us want them to do only what the Constitution allows and leave our freedoms and pocketbooks alone. TRUMP showed us what a real President is about

  3. This is a complete joke, just like the Biden/Harris administration & the Dem. party. Why would I want to listen to more lies & Biden stumbling around saying nothing. Anything this illegitimate President or the Dems. have to say is not worth my time! Pandemic my foot Biden can’t give a speech without a prompter, book with pictures, ear piece & someone near by to help him pronounce the words! It is to painful to watch!!

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