BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED – Jen Psaki Unable To Explain Why…

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki had a hard time explaining why the Biden administration gave thousands of illegal immigrant families hotel rooms while American National Guard troops slept in parking garages while protecting Joe Biden and other elected officials during and after Biden’s inauguration.

Psaki confirmed that the Biden administration gave $86 million for the immigrants’ hotel rooms over the next six months.

“That’s a disparity a lot of people are pointing out, that our National Guard was treated one way and then illegal immigrants are going to be put in hotel rooms,” Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson said while questioning Psaki about the situation.

All Psaki could really say in defense of Biden’s actions is that he called National Guard members after finding out about their sleeping arrangements.

So illegals get hotel rooms while our soldiers get parking garages and . . . a presidential phone call? Yeah, that makes it all better.

Read the full story here.

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13 Responses

  1. Is it finally sinking in to the voters on the left? Do you finally see what your Deep State leadership is doing to our country? Do you see they are destroying the lives of your families as well?

    1. First of all the criminals under the laws of the USA are not immigrants, they are criminal foreign nationals. They are not entitled to anything more than any criminal until they can be shipped back across the border that they broke our laws by crossing.

  2. Ole Joe doesn’t have a clue in terms of what’s going on around because piglosi & nobama are calling the shots & ole Joe says & does what they tell to say & do!

  3. Strange I just posted a comment about this discussion above and obviously the Democrats didn’t want the truth to get out about how badly our government is treating our military like they are trash and treating the illegals like they are Elites!!!

  4. So for those that cheated to have a non lucid old man with dimentia run our country is sickening and I hope you all have a terrible 4years and disgusting disgrace for you and your family.

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