BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED In Unprecedented Scandal – America FURIOUS…

Conservative lawmakers blasted President Joe Biden over record high gas prices. Biden, however, continues to blame anyone and everyone he can for inflation.

“Joe Biden keeps making history! Gas is at $4.61 a gallon,” said Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee.

Blackburn said that before the overnight five cent jump in gas prices.

“Near record gas prices and inflation are causing headaches for families across Kentucky and the entire country. We have to cut federal spending to curb inflation and produce more oil,” said Senator Rand Paul.

“$4.79 a gallon,” said Representative Jim Jordan.

“Gas prices increased five cents overnight, with the national average for regular gas hitting another record high at $4.671 per gallon. That now represents a seven cent increase over the last week and 48 cent increase over the last month alone,” reports Breitbart.

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