BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In SUPREME COURT Disaster – This Is VERY Bad…

New York Times columnist David Brooks slammed President Biden for “feeding into” racial essentialism by promising to nominate a Black woman to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer.

Brooks argued during an interview with “PBS NewsHour” on Friday that, “I think the history of America is a history of racial essentialism. It’s a history of judging people by what group they’re part of and by what skin color, and that’s an ugly, awful history.”

President Biden’s promises to only nominate someone who checks certain racial boxes signals the resurrection of race-based decision making that we have fought to purge from our society.

Brooks continued saying, “I’d like to think he would just pick the best person, who would be a Black woman. But when you put that identity first, I think you’re in danger — in a culture that is racial essentializing more and more these days, I think you’re in danger of feeding into that.”

President Biden should be looking for the best person for the job, but he isn’t doing that. The best person to replace Justice Breyer may not be a Black woman, and if so, they will be ignored.

American society is regressing to darker times, and Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are the ones responsible.

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