BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In Sick Pay Off Scandal – America Stunned…

President Joe Biden wants to give amnesty to Trump-era illegal border-crossers who were subjected to the former president’s “Zero Tolerance Policy,” which they say caused them “trauma.”

Last year, the Department of Homeland Security floated the idea of giving $450,000 per person payments to the immigrants affected by the policy but backed off after the idea generated intense backlash.

Polls at the time showed 63% of Americans and 64% of swing voters were against the idea, which would have cost American taxpayers $1 billion and given illegal immigrants bigger payouts than the families of September 11 victims received.

Let’s be real: amnesty is what Biden and the Democrats have really been after since the day Biden reversed all the Trump-era immigration policies, and they cannot be allowed to have their way in creating millions of future likely Democrat voters.

Fortunately, Biden can’t grant amnesty by executive order, and bills introduced in the House and Senate to do so have gone nowhere.

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