BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED In Secret Airplane Scandal – Evidence Is DAMNING…

President Joe Biden has now been accused of using coronavirus funding to transport illegal alien children into the interior of the U.S., particularly in northeast Pennslylania.

Former Rep. Lou Barletta (R) — now running for governor in Pennsylvania — has said that Biden is secretly flying illegal unaccompanied minors into eastern communities in the state.

“First, we had to discover for ourselves that illegal immigrants were being shipped into northeast Pennsylvania on at least four flights,” he said. “But then when people demanded information, the flights were shifted to the Lehigh Valley and they just hoped no one would notice.”

Rep. Dan Meuser (R-PA) said Biden “diverted billions of dollars of funding that was dedicated for tests, covid tests … to bring in unaccompanied minors, illegal minors into the U.S.”

“This woke agenda of the president’s is at the expense of the American people and it’s happening every day,” Meuser said.

Read the full story here.

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