BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In MASSIVE China Conspiracy – DOJ Is…

Republican Representative Michael Waltz blasted President Joe Biden for pushing “made in America” discussions, calling the idea “a lot of talk.”

“Waltz argued President Joe Biden’s discussions of promoting American manufacturing during the State of the Union were ‘a lot of talk’ because the Justice Department has scrapped the China Initiative and is ‘walking away’ from the ‘massive’ transfer of wealth and technology to China,” reports Breitbart.

Waltz stated, “These American professors are taking NASA grants, taxpayer-funded Defense Department grants, the most advanced technologies, nanotechnologies, advanced materials, and they develop this research here in our universities, and then they go over to China and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars a month to go teach over there, but basically transfer that technology to the CCP, not to mention the Chinese researchers that are all over — by the hundreds of thousands — our institutions here.”

“And the Justice Department is no longer going to investigate them,” Waltz continued.

“It is the most massive transfer of wealth and technology to an adversary, I think in modern history, and the Department of Justice is just walking away. It’s really outrageous, and then Biden — he spent many minutes on made in America. It’s a lot of talk. Let’s get back to the Trump actions in terms of bringing that manufacturing back home and incentivizing it and driving the agenda. Again, it was just a lot of rhetoric.”

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