BREAKING: Joe Biden Nailed In Child Rape Shocker – America Stunned

Candidate for Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, formerly Secretary of State, said on a local radio program that President Joe Biden’s “sanctuary country” orders are driving the release into the U.S. of illegal immigrant child rapists, domestic abusers, and drunk drivers.

Kobach is representing Texas sheriffs and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Division of the Federal Police Foundation in a lawsuit against the Biden administration’s orders preventing arrests and deportation of illegal immigratns by ICE agents unless they have been recently convicted of an aggravated felony, are terrorists, or are known gang members.

He said the Biden orders from February effectively cause ICE agents to break federal law and that the orders “achieve the abolition of ICE without actually abolishing it” by ordering ICE agents “to do nothing.”

Texas sheriffs have alleged that they are forced to release criminal illegal immigrants back into their communities because ICE is not allowed to take custody of them.

Criminal activity by illegal immigrants has increased since the orders were put in place, the lawsuit says. Other officials in Florida and Arizona are also filing their own actions to stop the orders for similar reasons.

Read the full story here.

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  4. I wonder where these illegal children (who were unaccompanied) will end up? Is anyone keeping track of this? I believe there are many underground cults (demonic) – who would pay out big money for them…just like cattle. My prayer and hope is that these precious, innocent children, will be kept safe and away from pedos and Satanic forces. The left is deeply involved with this. I do not trust them at all.

  5. The Biden admin are totally the ones that are responsible for the harm that comes to the children that are sent here illegally.

  6. Disgusting actions by President Biden. Any thing for a vote Joe. Watch your children around your area for drugs. I guess no one is being checked at the border. If they cannot protect your children you must as a parent. Remember any decision Biden has made has been a mistake for our country. Be proud to be an American.

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