BREAKING: Joe Biden NAILED – Caught Red-Handed Putting US In Danger

Joe Biden’s immigration “plan” was just exposed for the danger that it is.

Lt. Col. Allen West, the chairman of the Republican Party in Texas didn’t hold back when he discussed Biden’s plan to release 25,000 migrants into the United States.

“I think the reaction should be from the state of Texas to say no,” said Lt. Col. West. “We [should] find these individuals and we make sure that they are deported out of the state of Texas, or let’s take them to California, let’s take them to New York, let’s take them to Illinois. Let’s take them to one of those blue states that firmly believe in open borders and legal immigration. We don’t believe that here in Texas.”

West contended that Texas’ powers as a state gives them authority to reject the plan:

When you look at Article 1, Section 10, clause number three of the Constitution, we, as a sovereign state here in Texas, have every right to take a stand against what the federal government is about to do, because it does propose an imminent danger to us here in Texas, and furthermore when you understand the 10th Amendment, that’s not a power that is delegated to the federal government to just release people into a sovereign state like that. Those powers that aren’t given to the federal government are reserved to us at the states.

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