BREAKING: Joe Biden Mental Health SHOCKER – It’s Time To Do Something…

The GOP has forever questioned President Joe Biden’s mental acuity, and now they are pushing harder than ever for a cognitive test, saying Biden doesn’t have the mental ability to do his job right now.

Republican Representative Ronny Jackson, former White House physician, is calling again for President Joe Biden to take a cognitive test.

“Jackson first called on Biden to take the test in 2021. He joined 37 of his GOP colleagues urging him to ‘follow the example set by President Trump,'” reports Breitbart News.

“Jackson, pointing to his 14 years as the White House doctor, said he knows ‘exactly what it takes mentally and physically’ to serve as president. He added Biden has ‘continued to get worse and worse,'” reported Breitbart News.

“I was at the White House during the Bush administration, the Obama administration, and the Trump administration. I was there for 14 years as the White House physician,” Jackson said. “I know exactly what it takes mentally and physically to do that job, and I think it’s on full display for everybody in the country and everybody in this world to see right now that President Biden does not have the cognitive ability to do his job right now. He’s continued to get worse and worse.”

“I sent a letter back in June of last year requesting that he have a cognitive test done as part of his annual physical exam,” he said. “This was before he had his physical exam done. He recently had his physical exam done; there was no mention whatsoever of any cognitive testing. And I remind everybody that we did this with President Trump. We set the precedent. We did this because of the outcry from the liberal media and from mainstream media, and from the far left that the president should have a cognitive test as part of his evaluation. The precedent has been set. And President Biden needs to step up to the plate, he needs to have this test done, and they need to provide these results to the American people so we can have trust and confidence that he’s capable.”

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