BREAKING: Joe Biden Meets His END – It’s OFFICIAL…

The establishment media, despite their best efforts to protect Biden thus far, know that they can’t keep up the charade for another four years if Biden decides to run again.

Making him look competent is simply too exhausting and challenging.

Instead of Joe, most Democratic outlets are already trying to find his potential replacement, despite the fact that Joe Biden has never said he wouldn’t run in 2024.

Usually, the decision to run for reelection is left up to the sitting president.

In Joe Biden’s case, however, they want to take that choice out of his hands.

They don’t think they’re party could survive another four years of damage being done by Biden and his team.

Some of the biggest names floated in the replacement conversation so far have been Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Elizabeth Warren.

While not quite as ready to be president according to most liberals, Amy Klobuchar and Bernie Sanders also have their fair share of supporters saying Joe Biden should be removed.

Many think the fact that Joe Biden would be just five years shy of 90 by the end of his next term should exclude him from considering that possibility.

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