BREAKING: Joe Biden Makes Sudden REVERSAL – Nation Stunned

Joe Biden just issued a sudden ‘reversal’ and millions of people across the nation are stunned. No one expected this to happen at the eleventh hour.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Chief Mark Morgan has a message for Biden after the presumed president-elect declared that he would pause deportations and reverse President Donald Trump’s border reforms.

“If your policy consists of stopping deportation for almost four months, discontinuing or not supporting Title 42, revoking the Migrant Protection Protocols … the message you’re sending is clear and simple: We have open borders,” said Morgan.

He also said that “cartels and human smugglers are fueling perceptions that our borders will once again be wide open,” and Biden is the one to blame. This is just one of many reasons why Biden’s apparent victory (however disputed) is tragic.

From day one, Trump made border security and combatting illegal immigration a top priority. Hundreds of miles of the wall have already been built as well, and Biden is poised to undo all of this progress.

If Biden is inaugurated in January, the people will suffer — especially border states and counties. Drugs and violence will start pouring back into the country. Americans must express their displeasure with Biden’s plan loud and clear.

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