BREAKING: Joe Biden Makes Shocking Power Move – GOP Stunned

Although President Joe Biden claimed before the election that presidents shouldn’t rule by executive fiat, he has signed 40 executive orders–far more than any other president–in his first week in office.

Republicans have been vocal about their dislike for Biden’s orders, which his officials are calling merely a preview of congressional actions that he thinks will be taken.

“The executive actions are previews, and happening in parallel, to what he is pushing in Congress,” a source from the administration told Fox News. “These are the things he can do instantly, but show what he is going to pursue, and in some cases, already is pursuing, in Congress.”

Many of the orders are designed to undo policies former President Donald Trump put in place, even if the undoing harms people like the canceling of the Keystone XL pipeline permit, which cost the U.S. 11,000 workers.

We all know Biden isn’t putting some of these radical executive orders forward on his own–the people pulling his puppet-strings have been busy crafting their visions of a uptopian America. Who cares if Biden looks like a hypocrite; before too long, Kamala Harris will probably be finishing out his term and all pretense of moderation will be long gone.

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