BREAKING: Joe Biden Makes Shocking Iran Reversal – Nuclear Decision Stuns World…

President Joe Biden reportedly plans to offer Iran partial relief from sanctions against it in exchange for a partial reversal of its nuclear activities.

Officials who spoke about the plan said that not all the details were worked out, but that the Biden team was looking to start talks with Iran as early as this week.

Iran already rejected a deal that offered it a small portion of its billions in frozen assets in exchange for stopping enriching uranium to 20% purity, so the new offer would ostensibly be more favorable to Iran than that.

Biden campaigned on a return to the 2015 Iran deal brokered by former President Barack Obama, and from which former President Donald Trump pulled out in 2018.

It was revealed around that time that Iran was not abiding by its part of the deal anyway, even though leaders had promised the U.S. and several European countries to do so.

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7 Responses

  1. about the iran deal this bastard is going to reverse the trump decisions to impose no sanctions ‘Agains Iran, so back when Jimmy Carter tried to have dealing with these bastards how did that work out they only under strength no a executive order pusssy.

  2. We now have a puppet president someone is pulling the strings behind the scenes. We have lost a real President with ball to act on what he said not what his congress told him to do Congress will aprove another mid east war and they are doing it right now with this Iran deal reversal.

  3. Biden is so dumb. You can’t broker any kind of deal with Iran. Iran hates our country and they would love to see our country destroyed. Just when are the American people going to wake up and open their eyes and get Biden and Harris out of our government for good.

  4. Biden’s deal may possibly kill millions and millions of people. Iran continually states that Israel and the US are their primary targets. Is there something that this and past democrat administrations do not understand?

  5. If Biden is stupid enough to trust the Iranians, they will wind up with nuclear weapons, and the U.S. will have a nuclear bomb set off here by Iranian terrorists. Our only hope would be that they target D.C. and save us the trouble of removing the idiots in our government ourselves.

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