BREAKING: Joe Biden Makes Putin VERY Happy – Whose Side Is He On?

President Joe Biden has made some very, very baffling decisions when it comes to foreign policy.

First it was his premature evacuation in Afghanistan which cost American lives.

Then it was his sudden and aggressive demand that America send $40 BILLION in aid to Ukraine, but the taxpayers weren’t allowed to know how or where that money would be distributed.

Despite wanting to send $40 billion, when Ukraine recently asked for something very needed and way cheaper, Biden said no.

He would NOT provide Ukraine with a Multiple Launch Rocket System that Ukraine could use to target Russian soil.

Joe said no to Ukraine defending their country, but was okay with 40 billion secret dollars?

Something smells fishy here. Even fishier than the rest of Biden’s presidency.

Apparently Biden is worried about how Ukraine would use the system. But again, he was okay with $40 billion for Ukraine to do whatever they want with.

It just doesn’t make sense.

In Joe Biden’s America, nothing seems to make sense.

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