BREAKING: Joe Biden Losing Control Fast – They’re Turning On Him…

The walls are closing in on President Joe Biden and the voters are beginning to turn against him, according to a new report.

“President Joe Biden’s handling of unaccompanied children arriving at the border is opposed by more people than those who believe he is doing a good job managing the surge,” reports Washington Examiner commenting on a new poll.

“The poll found that 40% of respondents disapproved of Biden’s handling of children who arrive at the border without parents, compared with 24% who approve,” notes Washington Examiner.

“Most Americans think reuniting parents and children who were separated at the border and providing safe treatment to these unaccompanied children should be high priorities for the federal government,” said the stunning survey. “About half say increased security at the U.S.-Mexico border should be a key concern for Biden’s immigration agenda.”

The fact that such a clear plurality of respondents are unhappy with Biden shows he is quickly losing his grip on what many believed to be a solid base.

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10 Responses

  1. He never had a grip on his senses, let alone what needs to be done as President. He has dementia at least, and never should have been shoved down the throats of the American people. He is a damned tyrant, and needs to be impeached. The democrats are trying their best to get rid of the Constitution, and turn this into a communist country.

  2. In my opinion, those unaccompanied children at the border are victims of child abuse – twice. First, the parents are guilty because they sent them away. Then, the United States is guilty because of the way the situation has been handled. They never should have been allowed here in the first place. The Biden administration has abused thousands of children.

    1. I totally agree with you!! Biden should be impeached for encouraging this situation. Biden has encouraged the parents to release their children to the care of a foreign government…This is blatant abuse and neglect of children. It is horrific and inhumane.

  3. This is farce article. The voters turned on Biden/Harris on November 3. It took cheating on November 4 to allow him to pretend to be president. The lying leftists democrats and their RINO helpers put him there and areebkeeping him there regardless of the destruction the Biden/Harris administration, Nancy Pelosi and Schumer are doing to our great nation. The majority have been against them since late November when the first evidence of the steal started coming out. The only thing stopping a full civil war has been President Trump. Until someone in power, like the military or Supreme Court, has guts enough to step forward look at the evidence and proof, show it to the citizens of our Republic, take out the fake president and vice president and others who really lost on November 3 and put the real winners into office things will only get worse. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg. When the left has had enough even Biden will be gone, unless the guardians of our Republic arrests them all first.

  4. The biden administration is willing to use and abuse as many as they need to in order to gain political power and in their hopes many more illegal votes, that is what this whole immigration crisis is about. They want to flood the united states with illegal criminals to prey upon us and who will vote for them.

  5. Agree with all posts! Biden should be charged with child abuse, failure to protect our country, child endangerment and trafficking minors! He should be in jail, not the Oval Office! Harris, Piglosi and Schumer should be charged with aiding and abetting him!

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