BREAKING: Joe Biden Loses To Trump – Numbers Prove…

President Joe Biden just lost to former President Donald Trump. The numbers have proven it — Democrats are absolutely furious.

“A CNN poll of viewers who watched President Joe Biden’s first joint address to Congress found that 51% of them had a ‘very positive’ reaction — less than the 57% who had a ‘very positive’ reaction to President Donald Trump’s speech in 2017,” reported Breitbart News.

The liberal talking heads on cable news are trying to make it look like Biden’s speech was something special, but come to find out, even a CNN poll has completely busted that narrative.

Trump always appealed to optimism and patriotism, whereas Biden seems deadset on pushing division through radical tax-and-spend policies and indicting the entire country as “racist.”

Here’s another thing: “Overall, the pool of people who watched the speech was about 13 points more Democratic than the general public and about 2 points less Republican.”

This means Biden only squeaked out a 51% “very positive” rating with a heavily Democratic audience. Americans are waking up — they’ve realized that Biden is nothing more than a soulless shell.

Read the full story here.

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5 Responses

  1. Slow Joe hasnt given anything NEW –all old garbage reruns from the looney
    democracy and he is just ruining this country — time to move on Slow Joe

  2. I wonder if Biden has a thought of his own, or is he only reading a script off the teleprompter?

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