BREAKING: Joe Biden LOSES In New Vote Count – Democrats Terrified…

A new Monmouth University poll released this week found that Joe Biden is going to have a hard time convincing Americans to vote for Democrats in this year’s midterms thanks to his divisive actions that have left the nation more divided than ever.

The poll asked voters, “Has the country become more united, more divided, or not really changed since President Biden took office?”

48% of poll respondents agreed that the country was “more divided,” in sharp contrast to the inconsequential 15% of respondents that said the United States was “more united” under President Biden.

Worse yet, the poll found that voters have little confidence in President Biden doing a good job leading the nation over the last half of his presidency.

All of this is awful news for Democrats who are trying to court Americans ahead of the midterm elections. President Biden’s failures will weigh Democrats down, and Republicans could very well take control in the legislative branch.

If Republicans reclaim control in the House and Senate, President Biden can kiss his legislative agenda goodbye. Republicans will be in no mood to entertain the President’s insane ideas after the chaos of the past two years.

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