BREAKING: Joe Biden LOSES – He’s Finished

President Joe Biden just lost it. He could be completely finished — even with high-ranking members of his own party. The American people are fed up.

“I think Speaker Pelosi has discovered that she doesn’t have support for the comprehensive bill in the House,” said Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) regarding the Biden-Pelosi amnesty bill. But that isn’t the only thing he revealed to CNN.

Durbin said that the bill’s lack of support in the House “indicates where it is in the Senate as well,” which, presumably, is dead on arrival. Most Americans want the federal government to enforce the immigration laws on the books. Simple as that.

What they don’t want is mass amnesty. American has always been about legal immigration — people come here from all over the world for a better life. But amnesty would be punishing the people who are going through the legal process.

It is also important to note that Durbin is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, making him one of the most powerful players in Washington, DC. He has a read on Democrats on the Senate; this bill is a non-starter.

Durbin even admitted to CNN that he wants the bill, however, he said, “I don’t see a means for reaching that.” This is the point where Americans need to really pay attention — because Democrats may try to pass amnesty through stealthy means.

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  1. Democrats shouldn’t take for granite the people of America they’re going to have to steal a lot more elections to do that people better stand against HR1 or they may get to that point

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