BREAKING: Joe Biden LOSES Crucial Sector To Putin – America In Trouble…

James Pinkerton referred to President Joe Biden as “Carter 2.0” and said that like Carter in the 70s, Biden lost the energy war to Russia.

Pinkerton reasoned that Putin was able to invade Ukraine at least partly because of the way Biden has limited energy production within the U.S. with actions like canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, which drove up energy prices and allowed Putin’s profit margins to increase.

“Okay, so that’s depressing: The thought that we’re living through Carter 2.0,” Pinkerton opined. “Yet here’s an encouraging thought: We survived the sad-sack saga of Carter, and then we triumphed when Carter was replaced, after a single term, by the 40th president, Ronald Reagan, who undid Carter’s policies and, truly, made America great.”

“If we did it then, we can do it again: 2024 isn’t that far away. And that’s an encouraging thought,” he added.

Pinkerton suggests that Saudi Arabia could help to defund Putin by unleashing its own oil supply, flooding the market and lowering gas prices. But are they willing to do it?

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