BREAKING: Joe Biden Locks The White House – Won’t Let Them In

President Joe Biden has locked off access to the White House to unvaccinated visitors and journalists.

All individuals attempting to visit the White House must present proof of vaccination. The ban on unvaccinated visitors is just the tip of the iceberg for vaccine mandates.

Beginning this Sunday, the White House will be requiring all visitors to fill out forms proving their vaccination status.

This new mandate comes after President Biden lashed out at unvaccinated Americans.

Biden said during a press conference in July that, “We have a pandemic, because of the unvaccinated and they’re sowing enormous confusion. If those other 100 million got vaccinated, we’d be in a very different world.”

President Biden has already mandated all federal employees and contractors get vaccinated. Americans worst fears about vaccine mandates are beginning to come true.

Read the full story here.

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15 Responses

  1. F. Biden. He lets 100’s of thousands unvaccinated through our broder but yet calls out the Americans not vaccinated. LOL. Stupid President.

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      1. Puppet not a president! He did not win a of those stupid hate-filled DEMOCRATE SNOWFLAKES cheated. President Trump won that election they just was able to cheat better this time and get their puppet in with the plan of having Joe resign and Harris to become their president. That was their what they wanted all along! Both must be impeached! An Joe put is jail for crimes of treason to the USA.

    3. Biden is the dumbest MFer in the world,needs to be charged with treason and handled according to the Constituition !!

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  5. JOE is a Thief , conman, criminal , not the president and has no clue
    wake up , see the lies , the fact that someone else is running the show and it is not his band of thieves and criminals

    judgement is coming and he and his band liars, thieves and criminals will have to account for thier actions,
    no way out
    all will pay for his actions and not stopping this lie when they could

  6. Then why are you letting illegals cross the border who have Covid-19 and not vaccinated but your shipping them all over this country. Yet you say we have to be vaccinated are you that Stupid Biden, you and your administration. These vaccines have serious side effects, plus now their saying it will only last 4 months and nobody knows if it will work on the Delta Variant. What the hell else are we going to get by letting thousands of people in with diseases. You dont care about the American People its all about using these illegals to vote for democrats by promising them freebies that the taxpayers will have to pay. This is disgusting the unvaccinated Americans arent killing each other your unvaccinated ILLEGALS ARE!!!!!!!!

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