BREAKING: Joe Biden Linked To Anti-American Attack [Read This Now]

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) called out President Joe Biden for attacking Americans and punishing the country with high gas prices.

During a speech on Friday, DeSantis blasted the Biden administration, saying that they are “totally out of touch, I think, with the realities that people are dealing with.”

DeSantis continued by saying, “They have an energy policy that is deliberately trying to suppress production here in the United States, even though they inherited a country that was energy independent for the first time in an awful long time.”

Americans who were just recovering from the economic chaos caused by the pandemic are now having to grapple with record-high fuel prices and so far, the President refuses to fix the situation.

President Biden reversed the pro-energy policies of his predecessor and now Americans are paying the price. American households are being crushed by inflation and fuel prices and things are only getting worse.

Governor DeSantis is right to call out the President for his destructive agenda that is hurting all Americans. A President who attacks his people must be removed from power as soon as possible.

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