BREAKING: Joe Biden Lie Revealed After Evidence Goes Viral – He’s Finished

Joe Biden hired Jen Psaki to tell the truth. After all, that’s what a press secretary is supposed to do.

So when Psaki told the media elites that Joe Biden doesn’t wear a mask outside, they scribbled it down in their pads and took it as the gospel truth.

Except it isn’t true and a viral photo is proving it.

Per Breitbart:

On April 29, Joe Biden apologized after losing his mask during an outdoor campaign rally before ultimately finding it in his pocket and putting it on.

On April 30, Biden wore his mask while walking with his grandchildren at an outdoor event recognizing Amtrak’s 50th anniversary.

On May 6, the president wore his mask while approaching the podium for an outdoor speech in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The president also typically wears his mask while boarding Air Force One and Marine One.

Well, that’s awkward.

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