BREAKING: Joe Biden KNEELS To Terrorist – America Stunned

Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL) said Friday on Fox News that any Iran deal President Joe Biden makes will be weaker than former President Barack Obama’s 2015 Iran deal, from which former President Donald Trump pulled America in 2018.

Waltz stated, β€œWell, this is even a weaker deal than the Obama-era Iran deal. So, what they’re talking about is lifting just a few sanctions, just a little bit of sanctions for just a little bit of restrictions on the nuclear program.”

He said it was “exactly the wrong approach,” and that Biden has basically the same team Obama had.

“Rather than going to maximum sanctions and maximum pressure to get a longer and stronger deal which would encompass terrorism, which would encompass hostages, their missile program, and a true inspection regime on their nuclear program, they’re going to go back to the table and, you know, what can we concede, what can we give away, what sanctions can we lift?” he said.

The result, he said, would be a nuclear-armed Iran, and added that Israel would not allow it to happen.

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  4. That is because STupid JOE has no clue and the UN is running this country into the ground , he is not the president
    he is the empty vessell which the rest of the CFR are controlling and destroying america on purpose

    get ready for Judgement from God , anyone who replaces, take out , destroys God s Property
    YU , ME , Children , that right the trafficers who destroy children , democrats from hell who now control the deep state house of liars

    Bankrupt, Replacement , Invasion by foriegners

    Godless who destroy , God haters who lie, cheat, steal , take , that is them

  5. Tell my why would any American be stunned by anything this IDIOT Biden does. Everything he has done while in there shows just how STUPID and IGNORANT he is. Simply the most INEPT and PATHETIC human walking the earth today. GO TRUMP.

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