BREAKING: Joe Biden Just Linked To Murder Scandal – International Bombshell…

A known group of left-wing supporters are abandoning Biden and the Democratic Party.

“18 Progressive Democrat members of Congress sent a letter to President Joe Biden this week urging him to drop sanctions against the authoritarian socialist regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela,” reports Breitbart News.

The Trump administration placed the sanctions on the Maduro regime.

The sanctions came long after the long-expected socialist-driven collapse of the country.

“They did not precede Venezuela’s ongoing economic and political crisis and cannot retroactively be the cause of the suffering of the Venezuelan people, especially during 2014-2018, when the food shortages and rationing were so intense that ID-based locks and fingerprint scanners were put in place to ration food,” reports Breitbart News.

Venezuela’s ongoing health crisis has left citizens without access to either public or private healthcare.

“Due to the lack of any political solution offered by the opposition, Venezuelans have realistically two choices: stay and survive for as long as they can, or flee and face uncertainty and growing xenophobia against Venezuelans in the region. The Venezuelan migrant crisis that has so far seen more than 6 million people flee from socialism, has only been temporarily slowed down by the remaining Chinese coronavirus travel restrictions and by ever-increasing visa impositions on Venezuelan citizens and local bureaucracy conundrums that prevent them from obtaining proper migrant documentation in a timely manner,” reported Breitbart News.

The Biden administration has said they consider the Maduro regime illegitimate and “marked by authoritarianism, intolerance for dissent, and violent and systematic repression of human rights, and fundamental freedoms – including the use of torture, arbitrary detentions, extrajudicial killings, and the holding of more than 300 prisoners of conscience.”

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