BREAKING: Joe Biden Is SHUTTING Them Down – America Shocked

It’s finally happening. Joe Biden is doing exactly what Donald Trump said he would.

Biden is shutting down small businesses by creating ecumenic conditions that makes it impossible for them to compete.

During a recent segment on Fox News, Tucker Carlson made it clear: “There are millions of small businesses that cannot afford to compete, they’re not Walmart, and many of them will go under, because of the pressure applied by the U.S. government on the labor market,” said Carlson.

Then Carlson dropped the bombshell. “When those small businesses do go under, what will be left? Amazon.”

The problem is that Biden is paying American more to not work than a job would offer. The only solution is to practically double wages and small businesses cannot do that.

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  3. First step to communism is that you remove the competition by removing the small independent (free) business. The big corps are already getting stuff under the table, some being given over the table. After having a coworker who grew up in the USSR, talk a little bit about even unions his commet was Communism, Communism, Communism!!! The next move will be to remove the family farms. Once done you control the food. Once the food is controlled, all people are controlled !!

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