BREAKING: Joe Biden Is OUT – White House Stunned

Former Vice President Joe Biden is out and the White House is stunned. The Democratic presidential candidate has run out of options — and now Americans are about to see what he is really about. This is shocking.

Surprisingly, Biden has come out of his basement and made a rare appearance — his first in-person event in several months. He used the time to deceitfully “blame President Donald Trump for the violence and unrest ravaging America’s cities.”

“He doesn’t want to shed light, he wants to generate heat and he’s stoking violence in our cities,” said Biden. “Fires are burning and we have a president who fans the flames, rather than fighting the flames.”

Biden even went so far as to claim that Trump hasn’t denounced the violence and also called Trump supporters “an armed militia.” Somehow, he thinks this will endear Americans to his message, but he’s got another thing coming.

Democrats can try to pin the violent rioting on Trump and his supporters, but it is an illogical and inflammatory non-starter. It isn’t Trump supporters burning down businesses and attacking people in the streets; it is opponents of Trump.

President Trump should be applauded for defending our police and standing up for law and order — something Democrats know nothing about. They are about to get pummeled at the ballot box on November 3. It is a done deal now.

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