BREAKING: Joe Biden Is OUT – Church Drops Shocker On President

President Joe Biden is out. The Church has dropped a shocker on him and he can’t do anything about it. This is absolutely stunning.

“The U.S. Bishops Conference (USCCB) is currently drafting a document to clarify the issue of reception of Holy Communion especially regarding public figures who promote abortion-on-demand,” reported Breitbart News.

Biden’s radical pro-abortion views have increasingly drawn criticism from several U.S. bishops, putting him out of favor with many in the Catholic Church. Now, he may be denied communion.

According to Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann, “chairman of the bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities … the matter will be discussed at the USCCB’s meeting in June and the bishops will vote on whether the committee should continue working on the document for eventual public release.”

From the sound of it, the document would apply to all public figures — meaning Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could be denied communion as well in the near future.

Given the Church’s constituent pro-life ethic, it is encouraging that Biden, Pelosi, and others could finally be held accountable for supporting abortion up until the point the baby takes their first breath.

Read the full story here.

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30 Responses

    1. Hell is real whether Biden or any elected or any non believer believes it! Adam and Eve will win in the end!

    2. My dear, this has been going on for years. Look up Bella Dodd. There was a plan to infiltrate the Church quite some ago. This was CCD expected by some of us. God bless.

      1. Steve, I met her in the mid ’50s. What an amazing woman!!! Intelligent beyond belief. You’re right, she did say that then and that the Catholic Church was the last bastion against Communism. She became a Catholic under the guidance of (then) Bishop Sheen who had given her a rosary. She always kept “the stones connected with a fine chain and a crucifix on the end”, in her pocket, no matter where she went or who she was addressing. Did you read her book, “School of Darkness”? WOW!!! What a book!!!

    3. Their words are as hollow as a canoe.
      The Biden Administration as well as most members of the CCB are no less than partners in crime with regard to ehe embrace of mortal sin.

  1. Just like in Russia.
    The church has no say in politics.
    Biden is going to make sure of it.
    To Arms America

    1. Wrong, wrong, wrong……….We are in the mess we are in is because the churches have stayed out of politics. The Government is going after the churches because they know what happens when Christians start speaking up, things change. The church has always had a say in politics, you might want to read a Word of God (called the BIBLE) We have people in Congress who speak out against Christians and Jews and you want us to sit idly by and do nothing….not a fat chance. It is time the churches start rising up against this tyrannical non-sense. Have you read the Constitution? Just wondering. You might want to do yourself a favor and read the constitution as well as the Word of God. It is smart to educate yourself before making a pretty stupid comment, the comment shows that you are either dumb or stupid or you just might be both.

      1. The church don’t need people like Biden, Nancy, Hillary Etc. To speak for Catholics. These people plus more are controlled by evil, God wants no part of it.

      2. You got that right! President Biden’s actions do not reflect the teachings of the Catholic Church. He needs to be excommunicated!

        1. Now that Koenig has just gone to Wilmington, he may have to decide one way or another. He said that he will sdmit Biden to Communion, but will the NCCB go along

  2. Absolutely wonderful!!! It’s bend awhile, but sooner the better. It’s good that other leaders will be included with removing them from Holy Communion.

  3. It’s about time something is done about Biden and Polosi being able to receive communion. More leaders of the Church need to take a firm stand about this. What a poor example both of them set for Church doctrine!!!

  4. It’s past time to censor the baby killers. Biden and piglosi for sure. How about that so called jew. Schumer being pushed out.

  5. I’m really getting tired of hearing all the crap about Biden and Harris, if you all can’t do something about them, get them the hell out, supreme court and Congress, and the top needs to get their heads on straight and take care of the American situation that is going on with things. If you can’t take care of our country the way it should be then all get out of politics, all you all are doing is draining the Americans tax paying money for your all’s needs. God will get you all someday, and so will the devil!

      1. Thank you Carol, absolutely true. It’s hard to imagine that these people didn’t also make sure the election wasn’t counted fairly.

  6. We are being insulted by Biden, Pelosi and their cohorts! They bring out their evil actions against Americans by their legislating the sickening killing of innocent babies and giving millions of Dollars to Planned Parenthood. Biden knows what he is doing is very wrong but he is following orders from some shadowy person. We know who it is! Pelosi is not helping this country at all. God bless America!

  7. Boy Joe if your trying to piss people off your doing a good job! The Church, well over two thirds of America & many foreign countries, the only ones who like you are criminals!!

  8. Well its about time! Poor poor politicians! Biden, Pelosi and Kerry i know how far above the law they think they are but the number one rule of the land is God’s Commandments. They can’t brag about being catholic anymore and living the lies of supporting abortions up until the mother is 9 months pregnant. AMEN AMEN AMEN I thank God for this miracle and hope and pray that no further politics come into God’s Holy and Sacred House. Thank you dear Lord in heaven for protecting the babies.

  9. Biden and Pelosi, should both be Ex-Communicated from the Church. They are two of the worst hypocrites walking the face of the earth. They continue to claim to be “CATHOLIC” and turn around and do and say things that THEY KNOW, is strictly against the teachings of the church. SHAME ON THEM

  10. It would mean quite a bit to practicing Catholics, if the American Bishops ex-communicate both Biden & Pelosi. The Church has no real political power, but the Church has great influence with its members. Amen ! DO IT !!!

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