BREAKING: Joe Biden Is OUT – America Fed Up…

Seventy-two percent of Americans disapprove of Biden’s gas price policies.

Imagine thinking you knew better than 72% of the country.

A figure like 72% transcends demographics and voting tendencies. You don’t get to 72% of Americans without getting a good chunk of all three voters leaning your way.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re liberal, independent, or conservative, there’s no way you approve of what’s going on at the pump, as well as at the grocery store.

Gas is expensive, groceries are expensive, and rapid inflation is making it a lot worse very quickly.

Yet, Joe Biden doesn’t seem to come up with ideas that are pleasing to ANYONE in regards of how to combat these things. You would think that a solution that satisfies either liberal OR conservative voters wouldn’t be THAT hard to come up with.

Joe Biden has proved me wrong on that account.

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