BREAKING: Joe Biden Is Headed Out – Media Stunned

President Joe Biden has been in hiding when it comes to press conferences. In an unprecedented move, he has not held a formal press conference since he’s taken the Oval Office.

But according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki, that’s all about to change.

Breitbart News reports that Psaki “conceded President Joe Biden would have a press conference in ‘coming weeks’ and “before the end of the month.”

The numbers of stays without such a conference is stunning. CNN reports that the “past 100 years shows the 15 most recent presidents have all held a formal solo press conference within 33 days of taking office. This is President Biden’s 44th day in office.”

“I think the American people would certainly understand if his focus and his energy and his attention has been on ensuring we secure enough vaccines to vaccinate all Americas,” said Psaki.

It might go along with with American people if Biden would talk to the American press in a good old fashioned American press conference instead of hiding for going on 45 days.

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10 Responses

  1. No, Jen ‘dear’. We, the Americans’ you refer to do NOT understand why your ‘boss’ does not engage per-son-al-ly with the public. Do NOT presume to think for us ‘sweetie’…you have too much trouble trying to think for yourself. BTW, refrain from flipping your hair impatiently and stop sticking your tongue out at us…it is so juvenile!

  2. I understand why because he is not capable of speaking in front of an audience. His dementia has gotten worse than the Democrats want to admit. He should be impeached now

  3. You’re not hiding unless someone wants to find you. If Biden goes into hiding, no one will look for him.

  4. Psaki lies. Joe has been solely focused on undoing every policy initiated by Trump. How many EOs has he signed in his 44 days? 50+. None related to COVID. And if he is so focused on COVID, why is he allowing infected illegals released into the interior of the country.

  5. For what ever reason Biden excuse is for not having a press conference we know that he is not mentally of physically able to do so because of all the things wrong with him. The sad part is the Democrats, news media, His WIFE & family portrayed him as something entirely different than he is. I think that WE THE PEOPLE have had a horrible hoax played on us with FAULSE INFORMATION about our ILLEGAL PRESIDENT. He didn’t get this bad in the past two months but has been this way for a long while, we were deceived because he was in his basement supposedly for COVID during campaigning. I think Biden, Harris, Pelosi & most of the rest of the Democrats, news medias & His family were all in on it to deceive the American people! Now would be a good time to impeach them & remove the rest from their positions for abuse of power and not being honest with the American people!

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