BREAKING: Joe Biden Is FINISHED – White House Scrambling

President Joe Biden’s team is reeling after receiving the newest poll numbers. Biden has operated as if he can do no wrong and that to merely exist will gain him favor with the people.

However, after allowing an open border to the south, communicating opposing messages with COVID-19, and initiating one of the worst failures in modern political leadership in Afghanistan, Biden is reaping the just rewards of his incompetence.

“President Biden’s approval rating is now under water, RealClearPolitics’ Friday average showed,” per a Breitbart article.

Per the the report:

RCP’s polling data average showed the 78-year-0ld president’s approval rating in the negatives, with 48.4 percent disapproving and 47.4 approving, the week the crisis in Afghanistan reached a tragic, deadly breaking point resulting in 13 U.S. servicemembers killed — the largest single-day loss for U.S. servicemembers since 2011.

Other national polls are showing similar precipitous drop in Biden’s approval.

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11 Responses

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  4. I stated this a long time ago. Joe Biden was and still is incapable of leading this nation. Now, he is aging and suffering with an in cognitive medical disorder that the Dem are exploiting over him and he does not have the ware with all to fight back. Not that he has ever been in favor of fighting more than threatening words and a lot of back stabbing tactics. The mere fact that his words were “They instructed me to —-” Indicates that there is a group making decisions for him. My guess is “They” are Obama, Rice, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, and possibly Rodham-Clinton as a main core. The Military high archy has proven to be all in on the Group leadership. again that is just my guess.

  5. Biden should never have been put in charge of our nation. Both Biden and Harris need to be curt marshald now!!!!!

    1. Biden is not, and never has, been in charge. Impeaching him and Harris will accomplish absolutely nothing. The people that are making all the decisions and giving the orders, will continue to do so.

  6. Beans that China Joe gave the terrorist billions of dollars of weapons aircraft and helicopters and congratulate them on murdering American soldiers how proud are these idiots had voted for this piece of s*** how many American citizens and how many of our military will die because is in bed with the terrorist it should be very obvious that he has sold the country to the Middle East and to the Chinese when will he face the trees and charges and then the firing squad he is worse than terrorists for fighting we can stop the terrorists but Biden is doing everything he can to help them to invade this country our military is the best in the world it’s time they remove the government and take charge they know exactly how to handle people like that

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